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Dave uses the following equipment during normal performance when there is no need for very powerful gear.

The industry standard Shure SM58's, Roland Drum Machine, Roland Bass Pedals (pedal board) if I am performing solo midi linked to a sound module so that I can select the bass sound that I like, mixed and powered through a Dynacord PowerMate 600 connected to two EV100's. I generally use a Takamine Steel String Acoustic or a Fender Stratocaster depending on the song and the sound I want. I have recently added a 10 inch FBT bass woofer to make the overall sound warmer, even though it means that I have to carry the extra weight.




Dave uses two CD+G machines for displaying the song words on a TV screen, proffesional microphones for performers and has about 3000 song titles for prospective Karaoke singers to choose from. He presents Karaoke evenings whenever required.