MP3 - live recordings


The following songs are available in MP3 format for your enjoyment. Please note that the recording was made LIVE directly out of the back of my amplifier at a pub in Haydons Road South Wimbledon in London. There has been no editing at all, as is normally the case in a studio recording. Therefore there will be mistakes, such as notes sung off key and incorrect chords from time to time during the live performance.


It is my intention to record an album of Golden Oldies in a professional recording studio. What I would like you to consider, is which songs you would like to see on the professionally recorded CD. So, if you have the time to compile the titles of the songs that you feel should appear on the CD, please send me your compilation ideas and I will tally up the votes and ensure that the most popular songs appear on the CD.


I will be recording some of the songs that do not appear on this list at a later stage. If you would like me to send you the MP3 please drop me a mail and I will continue to send the files for your feedback, or you could just keep the files for your own enjoyment and nostalgia. If there is a specific song that does not appear on the list that you particularly enjoy that you know I perform, please drop me a line and I will try to add to the list of MP3 files. It is possible to download the MP3 file from the website


Where the acronym 'TBR' appears in the table below, it means that it still needs to be recorded.

Please note that all documents are zipped, to unzip them you'll need either winRAR or winZIP. To download click here.