Listed below are a number of photos that have been uploaded to photo hosting site. You can download any of the photos if you wish and if you have some photos that could be used or that you would like to have published on the site, please feel free to send them to me and I will upload them for you or add them to one of the sets.

See my Video Play List. There is footage of a performance that I did with Paul Nissen in Bloemfontein, many years ago. I have added some video of the performances of various artists performing in Nashville and also some of NRG, Roger and Graham of Aldershot performing some of the old favourites at the Woolpack in Eltham

Click here to see my photo site and make comments if you wish:

Colliers Wood Floods 2004. Pictures taken from the flat and in the street after a water main burst nearby.

Shannon and Declan (My new Grandson)

Visit to the Beatles Cavern Liverpool




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